Sunday, August 9, 2009

2010 Triple D Winter Race Date Set

The 2010 Triple D Winter Race (bike or Ski or Run) date has been officially set for Saturday, January 9th, 2010! Nearly all festivities will remain the same this year... so feel free to check out all the prior year’s photos and information using the links to the right of the page.

There will be no ultra distance Ski or Run but we will utilize the extended out and back that we did last year, so that the Ski & Foot race will have a full marathon option.

New this year will be a 2010 commemorative calendar for all participants (biking in the winter all year long!!! Now what could be better than that???)

Also set to kick off this weekend is the award winning Dubuque Ice Fest (how appropriate):

2009 Colesburg Gravel Race (40+ & 24 Mile Road Race)

Alright, if I can come up from Florida to put on this little gravel race, the least some of you locals can do is show up! So, here are the details on the race that no one wants to talk about (do to repressed memories of pain and suffering)…

When: September 7th 2008 (Labor Day Monday), Registration until 9:30, Racing starts at 10AM.

Where: Colesburg, Iowa (NW Corner of Town at the City park)

How Much:
Preregistered Solo Racer $20 / Tandem Team $30 (by Aug 21)
Prior Year Solo Racer $20 (Prereg not required)
Prior Year Tandem Team $30 Total (Prereg not required)
Day of event, $30 Single or $45 Tandem Team.

Awards: Cash (real $$$ bills)- lots of it, lottery style payout, the better you place the more tickets you get. Everyone gets at least one ticket for starting this wrenched event.

Race Director Contact: Lance André at (563) 543-2784 or

General Details:

  • Sag supported with water
  • Well marked course (racer maps at sign-in)
  • Large Tandem Field
  • It's typically hot (bring two water bottles & a camel back)
  • Fat-tire mountain bikes and cycle-cross bikes recommended
  • Controlled 1 mile paced start
Long Course: 40.9 miles of Gravel (some pavement) - Sport/Expert/Prolevel riders - expect long gravel hills & a finishing time typically within 5 min. of your Chequamegon 40 finish.
Direct Cash Payout for Record Time.
Large $ pream on the first main climb*

Short Course: 24 miles of Gravel - Beginner/Sport level riders (finishing times range from 1:20 to 2:15+)

*Prem was first won in 2007 by Team Ergon pro rider Jeff Kerkove, who’s teammate beat Lance at Leadville last year and he finished 27th overall, unfortunately the locals made Jeff pay for that $ as he finished 4th behind the Eppens, Andre’s and Todd Gillihan.

This race has a long history in Iowa bike racing…
4th annual: “I’ve had enough, I’m stopping for a beer, me too… ditto”
8th annual: “no race director” (he was thrown in jail, he’s now married to the gal that caused the whole thing)…
10th annual “Broken collarbone, and a stolen car (the racers stole it)”…
12th annual “Dog to Vet with broken ribs, bike to the repair shop”…
13th annual “9 racers lost (to the sound of deliverance)” we have since improved the course markings…
15th annual – “is it possible to endo a tandem?” Ask the Hirsch brothers…
16th annual (last year)– “bloodiest year yet, multiple emergency room visits” Slow down on those D&# downhill corners!

Click on the flyer to view a larger version... email me for a PDF. You can also visit in a day or two for all the other information like a release form (to fill out ahead of time), detailed driving directions, a course map, etc.