Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Triple D Feedback

I've gotten quite a bit of feedback from last year's racers and even some for what will be first time racers... I'm taking it all in, and may be making some slight modifications to the event.

Ideas of consideration are:
1. Extending and/or offering true ultra distances for both the skiers and runners
2. Starting the Race much earlier (9 am or even 8 am), logistically all registration and payment and signed releases would need to be in, leaving only the prerace meetings to occur the morning of.

Items that ARE changing from last year:
1. Everyone will finish in Durango (bikers, skiers & runners). This will shorten the Bike part by a solid 8 miles and will prevent those who make it that far from getting lost in negotiating their way back into town.
2. All full course finishers will receive awards. This will be retroactive for the two bikers last year who didn't receive awards (I'll be presenting them at this year's ceremony, and shipping them out if you don't make it back this year) you deserve them, it was brutal last year.
3. I guarantee that the weather will be different this year. Heck, we're doing it almost a month earlier...