Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dirty Kanza 200 - Post Race

This will just be the ride stats, I'll follow up in a day or two with my ride recap (this race had everything!).

Place: 2nd overall (on 2.1" mountain bike tires)
Total Distance 201.77 miles
Average speed (on the bike): 17.3 mph
Average speed including CP, & Bonk stop: 13.8 mph
Total Time: 14 Hours, 36 Min, 27 Seconds
Total Climbing: 12,013 feet (holly shi# KANSAS sure isn't flat) – that’s correct 12 THOUSAND FEET!!! Nearly half of that was just in the last 60 miles!
Removed my rear rotor at mile 165 as i noticed it was dragging, my guess from my Garmin Stats is that it was dragging from about mile 140 (about 10 miles before I bonked hard).
Number of water bottles: 20
Number of IV's at the emergency room: 3
Flats: Zero