Friday, February 8, 2008

Arrowhead Ultra: Race Summary...

ya ya I know... everyone's looking for a race report.

I started and finished – Both are an incredible accomplishments… 32 hours with 9 hours of just sitting around!

I’m trying to catch up at work and life. I will post my race report before the end of this weekend. It was an incredible race!

i'm so far behind, I havent event un packed my stuff (water bottles havent event been empied - yuk).

I’m also going to go out for a ride this weekend. We got a full foot of snow, warm weather today and forecasted cold weather tomorrow, ideal snow biking conditions.


Neve_r_est said...

Good job Lance! I'm looking forward to hearing your report.


Timmaaayyyy said...

cuenotIf figured it would take you a while to unravel. Glad you made it safe. How did the boots work out?
look forward to the report.

Anonymous said...

way to go lance. cant wait to hear story

Jill said...

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lance: I certainly enjoyed meeting you and I look forward to teaming up at the Trans-Iowa!!!

Lance Andre said...

Thanks everyone! I've updated my post.

Timmo, the new Lake boots were the best - i'll never ride with booties again.

Jill, if you want I have a -30 suit that i'm not going to use until next winter...

Charlie, ditto - i'll bet that bike of yours is a screamer on gravel.