Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day / TransIowa Training

I've neglected my blog for a couple of weeks, sorry to my faithful readers, and to my TransIowa riding buddies (double to them because I’m out of shape)!

Yes, out of shape... this weekends big ride was my last ride on the Triple D route (we still had enough snow to ride the trail system). It took me only 6 hours to ride 72 miles (Dubuque to Dyersville to St. Petersburg to Dyersville and back to Dubuque with a 1 hour lunch in St. Petersburg). While the average speed may sound good... how I felt after the 6 hours is a different story. Chafed and Sore would be putting it mildly!

Average speed was 14.1 mph, not bad for most of it being on snow (if you can call it that), hard crusted and icy in spots. By the time I got near Dyersville Heritage trail was getting slushy as the temp was nearing 38 degrees.
I'll update my blog tomorrow with a couple pictures of a Mississippi River Ride that a couple of us did two weekends ago (I have been riding, just not as much as i should with a 350 mile gravel & mud race next month). The river riding has given me an idea for anther winter event (River Crit)... more on that and "Triple D 2009" to follow?

The annual Dyersville St. Patrick's Day ride is something that any RAGBRAI lover should do! there is no better way to kick off the cycling season than with a party ride with a couple thousand of your best friends... I was fun for me to join up with this group as I’ve finally got too see my regular biking friends back out on two wheels.
Pic1 (near outskirts of Dubuque), pic2 heritage trail outside of dyersville, pic 3 party time at st. petersburg.


d2g said...

Hey Lance-- I know the feeling-- was sick for the entire two weeks of a trip to CA and AZ where I'd planned to do some great riding in preps for T-I... so it goes... we'll have to just hang out and have a good time on the ride next month! I'm bringing a posse of 4 to the ride so we'll be in good company... see you then!


Pedal Pimp said...

What the Hell happened to the beard???