Thursday, January 1, 2009

Triple D 2009 - Race Roster

Below is the official and unofficial roster for the 2009 Triple D Winter Adventure Race (updated 1/8, 8 pm). I’ll update the roster on a daily basis as the late entries arrive. There’s still time to talk the unsuspecting soul into joining us.
Update: We had a couple skiers back out: There are still FOUR openings on the Limobus to Dyersville for runners or skiers.
====== Official Roster ======
1. Run Joey Richey
2. Run Seth Dudgeon
3. Run Karl Wagner
4. Run Lisa “the ultra queen” Paulos
5. Run Paul Steichen
6. Run Annette Hall
7. Run Mike Hodge
8. Run Marcus Nashelsky
30. Ski Matt “you can’t punish me enough” Maxwell
31. Ski or Run (TBD) Karl Steichen
50. Bike Ben “the shock star” Shockey
51. Bike Dennis "Finished '08 and kept my toes" Grelk
52. Bike Lance “I hope this year is better than last” Andre
53. Bike Scott Marx
54. Bike Corey Kronser
55. Bike Justin Meyer
56. Bike James Ryan Zimmerman
57. Bike Ronnie Jr. “Love the Girls” Fangman
58. Bike Nate Van DerWeide
59. Bike Michael Lemberger
60. Bike Trevor Rockwell
61. Bike Brad “I signed up for Hypothermia not a race” Dumville
62. Bike Scott “What am I doing” Sundby
63. Bike James W. “I’m racing in my Birthday Suit” Zimmerman
64. Bike Irene “I love studz” Schroeder
65. Bike Jerome Full
66. Bike Sean Mullins
67. Bike Mark “Result of Anxiety” Sirek
68. Bike Tyler Graham
69. Bike Eric “I hate bike poetry” Sovern
70. Bike John Nelson
71. Bike David “I’m staying dry this year” Pramann
72. Bike Jesse Reyerson
73. Bike Todd Erickson
74. Bike "Jesus Joe" Nolan
75. Bike Jeremy Riniker
76. Bike Adam Blake
77. Bike Joel Austin
78. Bike Coleman Retzlaff
79. Bike Nicholos Wethington
80. Bike Josh Peterson
81. Bike Tracy Tompson
82. Bike Grace Shirley-Couch
83. Bike Dustin Quade
84. Bike Devon "Off the grid in Arizona" Dyreson
85. Bike Max "the man" Anderson
86. Bike Timo "i'm not watching this year" Ingram
87. Bike Thomas Miller
88. Bike Mark VanderWoude
89. Bike Rob McKillip
====== Unofficial Roster ======
9. Run Adam Harmer
10. Run Nick Martin
32. Ski Mike Zeigle
33. Ski Jeff Barnes


Tater said...

I would like to do this race. If I get my check in the mail saturday morning for the bike race, will that be ok?

Tracy Thompson

Lance Andre said...

Yes, but you will need to email me your category (bike, run, ski) and your race cell number.