Thursday, November 22, 2012

Offical Colesburg 40 / 24, 2012 Results

2013 Race will be on Monday September 2nd (Labor Day Monday).

Official Results from 2012 Colesburg Gravel Race
Facts from 2012 Race
1. Longest Race Ever (45.something miles)
2. Longest Stone Saddle Time (due to #1, #5 and loose gravel conditions)
3. First Finish by a Road Bike
4. Most Level B Roads
5. Most Broken Hips

1st Over All: Matius Perret Mtn Male Long 2:35
1st Cross: Jeff Barnes Cross Male Long 2:36
1st Tandem: Kim & Brian Eppen Tandem Long 2:50

Kevin McConnell Cross Male Long 2:51
Mario Czarnomski Mtn Male Long 2:54
Chris Eastburn Cross Male Long 2:54
A.J. Turner Cross Male Long 2:59
Mike Dalton Mtn Male Long 3:02
Jeff Dalton Mtn Male Long 3:02
1st SS: Jed Gammell Mtn SS Male Long 3:02
1st Female: Robin Williams Cross Female Long 3:04
Sam Cohen Cross Male Long 3:04
1st Road: Lance Andre Road Male Long 3:05
Tom Scholz Cross Male Long 3:06
Ryan Nenninger Mtn Male Long 3:11
Brittany McConnell Cross Female Long 3:13
Brian Walsh Mtn Male Long 3:14
Isaac Salwolke Cross Male Long 3:14
John Moore Mtn Male Long 3:26
John Adamson ? Male Long 3:32
Jim Nemmers Mtn Male Long 3:37
Jeff Spahn Mtn Male Long 3:38
Kyle Williams Cross Male Long 3:39
Andy McCann Cross Male Long 3:40
Bruce Timmerm Mtn Male Long 3:45
Andrea Cohen Cross Female Long 3:46
Thomas Sulentic Mtn Male Long 3:46
Troy McDermott Cross Male Long 3:48
Jason Lewis Mtn Male Long 3:49
1st FatBike: Rob McKillip Fat Bike Male Long 3:54
Joe Behan Mtn Male Long 3:59
Mark Steen Mtn Male Long 4:06
Jerry Full ? Male Long 4:08
Karmen Woelber Mtn Female Long 4:12
Gary Bramel Mtn Male Long 4:26
Shann Lueth Cross Male Long 4:32
John Peters Mtn Male Long 4:35
Stone Saddle: John Bandt ? Male Long 5:15
James Dockal Cross Male Long DNF (Broken Hip)
Nathan Matje Mtn Male Long DNF
Jeff Stackis Mtn Male Long  DNF
Ross Lemery Kickbike Male Long DNF
Landon Beachy Cross Male Short 1:39
Juan Ochoa Mtn Male Short 1:41
Michael McConaue Mtn Male Short 1:42
Brett Noble Mtn Male Short 1:45
Kathleen Porter Mtn Female Short 2:08
Tom Goodman Mtn Male Short 2:38
Sandy Kilburg Mtn Female Short 2:38
Bill Klauer Mtn Male Short 2:38
Dione Klauer Mtn Female Short 2:38
Marge Leigh Mtn Female Short 2:38
Traci Andre Mtn Female Short 2:38
Bill Stoffel Mtn Male Short 3:10

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