Monday, November 24, 2008

Triple D 2008 Racer Comments

Thanks for pulling off some spectacular events last Saturday. I enjoyed every mile of the Double D run. Heritage Trail is beautiful in winter, and coupled with tailwind and sunshine, it couldn't be beat. The moon was even visible most of the afternoon. Putting our finish line in Durango was a genius decision. Indoor accommodations, food and drinks were so welcome by everyone. I'd never heard of such a good idea as the bar tab for participants. EVERYTHING was so nice and first class. I hope you consider offering the events again next year. Epic! Thanks for providing the blog links. It was quite a day all around, and from my perspective, it was all good! Thanks so much.
- Lisa Paulos ’08 Female Foot Category Winner

Thanks to you and all the crew for putting on a great event. Great support crew effort under difficult conditions. Also, please pass on my appreciation to Gene Tully for his work in creating the awards. My family and I enjoyed the experience. If you decide to do it again next year, I hope to attend.
- Mike Zeigle ’08 Male Ski Category Winner

I know Ben had a blast, and will talk about it for weeks (years?) to come!
- Julie (Ben Shockey’s Wife, 2008 Ultra Bike Overall Winner)

Thanks again Lance! It was a wonderful weekend for the family! Also, here is my recap on my blog. I have never been known to be a writer! %^) You put on an amazingly organized race. Being a past race director (running events not, bike, ski, run!) I know how hard it is and you did an amazing job!
- Paul Jacobson

...happy volunteers, and park rangers were a real find. Thank you Very Much for putting on the race and all your efforts, as a very experienced race volunteer/director, etc I know how much it took…
- Dave Pramann, Arrowhead Ultra Course Record Holder

-10F (+ a 20 mph wind) and tough riding conditions cut our ride to about 20mi…But as I try to recover today ,I'm positive I had 50 BEERS,' WOOHOO'!!Thanks to all that attended and helped celebrate. For those who couldn't make it--wish you coulda been there! Thanks to Lance for all the work putting on the race. A fellow racer asked if I'd do it again. My reply was a quick NO. But am already reconsidering!!!
- Z Man, Celebrated his 50th Birthday at DDD and the motivation behind our pub crawl ‘09

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