Sunday, February 1, 2009

What do Mike Curiak, Dave Gray, and Dave Pramann all have in common?

They get to race the Arrowhead Ultra 135 with me tomorrow! You can follow the play by play action on the Race blog (watch out because this is about as exciting as an 8 mph bike race can be!).

Weather has been unpredictable, as the forecast has been changing by as much as 30d in a couple of hours, tonight the forecast is for a daytime high of 8dF and a low of -14dF with a wind chill of -30dF.
We're getting a heavy fluff of snow as I write this; the forecast is for it to amount to only about 2" total by mid day tomorrow, which may cause it to be a mighty slow race.

The picture above was taken the night before the Triple D race. It's my new FatBack by the boys at Speedway Cycles and our newest addicted snow biker Josetté André... she now wants to race with daddy all the time. You can also check out her artwork in a couple of the Triple D Photos, she colored one side of my rear disk. Think I could get a Pugs Tag-a-long?


Neve_r_est said...

I need that two inches of snow at home, not here!

Get ready, get set, walk.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Lance, hope you do well. Look forward to seeing you back in Florida soon. hope the race goes well. see you when you get back. Jan Kepics

Vito said...

Dude...what were you thinking?? Too bad...poor judgment!

MrDaveyGie said...

Congratulations Lance, you did an amazing job, regardless of the DQ. You trained hard and kicked some arse. You'll be back.