Sunday, January 10, 2010

2010 Triple D Race Results

If you have any of the following please forward them to me:
1. Bike mileage and time
2. Blog write up link
3. Photos (race photos by Traci and a couple others)
Below are the unoffical results, i say that only because of the sagged bikers (please review results, if they are not correct please let me know and i'll verify the corrections and get them updated).

We had 9 bikers, 4 skiers and 8 runners finish one of the most difficult winter day races in North America out of the 50 participants entered in the 2010 Triple D Winter Race.

I'll post some more updates & photos here as I have time (sorry).

Run and Ski Finishers Only:
BIB,First Last,Finished(Placement),Miles,Race Time,26.2mor50K Time
32,Tim Roe,Yes(1stMaleSki,1stMaleSkiMarathon),22.3,3:18,4:29Marathon
Race Director

121,Joseph Richey,Yes (1st Male Run),22.3,3:31
2009 1st Male BLOG

31,Brad Williams,Yes (2nd Male Run),22.3,3:40

123,Seth Dudgeon,Yes (3rd Male Run),22.3,3:55
2009 5th Male

122,Lisa Paulos,Yes (1st Female Run),22.3,4:18
2008 & 2009 1st Female

11,Angela Hill,Yes (2nd Female Run, 1st Female Run Marathon),22.3,4:27,5:35Marathon

10,Willy Goodale,Yes (4th Male Run),22.3,4:28

9,Rich Holmes (50+),Yes (1st Male Run Marathon, 5th Male Run),22.3,4:48,5:51

33,Matt Maxwell,Yes (2nd Male Ski, 1st Male Ultra 50k Ski),22.3,5:12,7:33ULTRA
2008 & 2009 Ski Veteran

8,Mark Rocarek,Yes (5th Male Run),22.3,5:38

NA,Vita Veita,Yes (1st Female Ski),22.3,6:21
Start Late (actual time is less than shown, 15 min?)

12,Todd Erickson,Yes (3rd Male Ski),22.3,8:33
PHOTOS 2008 & 2009 Bike Veteran

All bikers who started are shown below:

BIB,First Last,Finished,Miles,Race Time,Notes
91,Lance Andre,Yes (First Bike),62.7,6:48,9.2 mph Average, 17th 2008, 2nd 2009
110,Dennis Grelk,Yes (Second Bike),62.7,6:59,4th 2008 & Frozen Saddle, 2nd 2009
115,Corey Kronser,Yes (Third Bike),62.7,8:22,8th 2008, 2009 Winner
111,Nicholos Wethington,Yes (4th Bike),62.7,8:32,9th 2009
116,Adam Blake,Yes (5th Bike),62.7,8:34,28th 2008, 11th 2009
95,Ben Shockey,Yes (6th Bike),62.7,9:27,2008 Winner, 16th 2009
112,Scott Marx,Yes (7th Bike),62.7,9:41,13th 2008, 18th 2009
100,Joel Austin,Yes (8th Bike),62.7,12:07,2009 Frozen Saddle
98,Tyler Graham,No (9th Bike, Frozen Saddle Award?),62.0,12:28,Dyersville CP>Durango>FinishedByMeansOfHwy52
113,Colin Stiemke,No (10th Bike, Frozen Saddle Award?),56,12:??,Dyersville CP>Sageville>then off route (XMilesNotCredited-would have been really close to 62)
104,Joe Nolan,No,38,4:45,Dyersville CP>Farley>Sagged
94,Sean Mullins,No,50,5:26,Farley or Graf?>?
92,Frank Hassler,No,45,7:26,Dyersville CP>Graf>Sagged
93,Trevor Rockwell,No,45,7:55,Dyersville CP>Graf>Sagged
101,James R Zimmerman,No,31.4,4:56,Dyersville CP>Sagged
102,James "Z" Zimmerman,No,31.4,4:56,Dyersville CP>Sagged
117,Jesse Reyerson,No,31.4,5:35,Dyersville CP in Shorts>Sagged
106,Michael Lemberger,No,31.4,4:40,Dyersville CP>Sagged
109,Rob McKillip,No,29,5:58,Prier Road(NearDyersville)>Sagged
119,Drew Wilson,No,25,3:16,Farley>Sagged
103,Jeremy Riniker,No,25,5:27,Farley>Sagged
120,Devon Dyreson,No (First Tandem),25,5:47,Farley>Sagged
120,Justin Meyer,No (First Tandem),25,5:47,Farley>Sagged
Tandem BLOG
105,Dave Giegerich,No,25,6:18,Farley>Sagged
96,Scott Sundby,No,25,6:36,Farley>Sagged
97,Derek Chinn,No,25,6:36,Farley>Sagged
114,Steve McGuire,No,21,2:57,Gun Club Road>Sagged
108,Troy McDermott,No,21,4:45,Gun Club Road>Sagged
118,Jerome Full,No,19,3:16,Past Graf>Sagged @ Tri
90,Grace Shirley-Couch,No (First Female Bike),17,4:59,Graf>Sagged
99,John Nelson,No,17,4:59,Graf>Sagged
107,Coleman Retzlaff,No,14,3:36,Past Budd Road>Sagged


Matt Maxwell said...

Curiously the rate of finishing in each category is virtually the opposite of Arrowhead. All skiers finished, about half the runners, and maybe a quarter of cyclists.

Good Oak said...

This is a bit off topic, but what was the name of that race up in Rice Lake? I want to look into that for next year.

Lance Andre said...

it's the Tuscobia Ultra... our friend Tim Roe is the race director. Was well orginized and I heard rumor there will be a 200 Km or mile version (can't remember which) next year!

Mauricio Babilonia said...

According to the blog, it's 200 miles. I might consider the 75 mile option if I decide to get a fat-tired bike between now and then...

MrDaveyGie said...

Oh oh another fat tire.

Good Oak said...

... and you would need a -20 sleeping bag, a bivy, a insulated sleeping pad (didn't know they made such a thing) and camp stove and pot (at least I have the last two).

All of that stuff seems like a bit over-kill for a 75 mile race that goes from town to town in northern WI. I like the Triple-D because all I need is whatever bike I can bring (or skis or running shoes), no requirements for gear. Lance I think you have a great format here, don't change a thing (except maybe the trail grooming schedule).

Though I might be down for the Tuscobia 50K on the bike (no overnight gear needed).

Anonymous said...

Am I looking in the wrong place? I saw this about a couple of hours posted on Monday, but have not been able to find where any of the results are posted. Am I looking in the wrong place?


Lance Andre said...

Yup, Triple D will never be an overnight race, there were two goals I had when I created DDD:
1. Introduce people to winter racing without the cost of $200 entry fees, $1000’s special gear. Some who race may feel DDD is enough... others may catch the fever and decide they want more and want to attempt the multi day races like the Arrowhead and Iditarod.
2. Provide a forum for the serious winter racers to test gear and conditioning prior to Arrowhead
Have fun during and after the event (so far the after part we’ve gotten down pretty well)

Lance Andre said...

Putting results in XLS right now… had to fly back to FL the next day and have been swamped with work… sorry everyone on the delay of the results.

Colin said...

Hey Lance, thanks for posting the results. I think mine may have been switched with someone somehow. I remember you saying Tyler came in like right before me, but I ended up getting off course in Sageville, and I'm still thrilled about my frozen seat award:) Good times though, and hope to see you next year

Anonymous said...

H, Lance

Don't know where you got your time for my marathon -- it is off by almost 40 minutes. My own watch had 5:51. What she wrote on the time scoring sheet was clock time 4:02, which after subtracting the start time of 10:11, also produces a time of 5:51. What you are showing is 6:30, not close.

Rich Holmes

Lance Andre said...

Rich, There's something wrong with our run/ski time, some told the finish line that start was at 10:18 a couple 10:12, one 10:11. I updated yours and Lisa's i found a calc issue on your results, i'll check others tomorrow.

THANKS for the corrections, I know i'll find a couple more errors and others may too.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Lance, I gave you the wrong time, the rolling time from my computer. I rolled into Dyersville right after the Zimmermans and Jesse, so I was probably at about 5:40-ish if Jesse's time is right, though I thought I got there at right about 3:30 pm. Sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lance, it was a remarkable and memorable event -- I'm glad I came!

Rich Holmes

Angela said... time is also incorrect....the first one seems right...but I finished the marathon in 5 hours and 35 minutes... can you fix know how weird we all are about our times....