Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Gearing up for Triple D (prelim trail report)

Things are coming along, all my local home boys have been scoping the route and possible bridge out bypasses, riding some new sections that may be included to mix things up a bit. Will be a great event this year... and they're forecasting temps ranging from 31d to -18d (now that’s good weather forecasting)...

Trail reports are actually pretty good considering all the rain and warm weather that Dubuque had last week. Heritage Trail is still 100% snow and ice covered from Dubuque to Farley. Farley to Dyersville has exposed sections of rock, just like last year. But there's multiple days of snow forecasted prior to the race and no warm days so this section may be usable by the skiers this year.

I've been reading blogs from last year’s racers and others from the area, what a disease winter biking and running has become... check out for some great winter ride photos.

Race weekend is also ICEFEST Weekend in Dubuque again this year:

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Lance Andre said...

Update from those who rode on the New Years Day ride:
Short sections (10-20 feet) have exposed gravel in the very middle; can be easily avoided by the skiers.
Numerous short sections of ice… these can also be avoided by not ridding in the center of the trail, the edges are firm and in good condition.
Heritage Trail overall was very fast for today’s ride.