Thursday, December 31, 2009

Triple D winter Race (run Update)

Due to popular demand...
The official awarded run route will the 23 miles from Dyersville to Durango. However, we will time and recognize you for the following two additional options:
1. Full Marathon 26.2 miles
2. Ultra Marathon 50K (32 miles)
Both of these routes are out and back on Heritage Trail the longest being the 50K ultra will take you just past the Sageville Trailhead at Highway 52.
You will be allowed to resupply and receive support at the Durango Handle Bar (race headquarters) before heading back out.

Thanks to MrDaveyGie a nice map of heritage trail can be found here (i learned a couple things from the annotation): HeritageTrailMap (note: Click on Show to see a profile - disregard the spikes as these are not accurate.

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