Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Triple D Winter Race - Winter Run, Winter Bike, & Ski Event

This year is shaping up to be a banner year for Triple D: Great trail conditions for all even standard mountain bikes, runners and skiers.

10 day forecast looks great (unlike the last two years) with mild temps in the high teens to low 20’s and only a 20% chance of new precipitation except for today’s 1-3” which will be well packed again by this weekend.

There are still some rooms available at the Grand Harbor Waterpark and Resort, if you have already booked a room make sure it was put under our block, you can email to get your room added to the block. They are still taking reservations under the Triple D Winter Race.

Get your entries in ASAP, they are due by Jan 4th. So far it looks like we will be at about the same numbers as last year – about 50 racers, however, this is the year to race as the my guess is that all the runners and skiers will finish and over half the bikers will finish as the trails are in primo condition.

Why Triple D?
1. Choose your winter discipline (run, hike, ski, bike, bike push [jk])
2. Stay in shape over the winter
3. Eliminate cabin fever and depression associated with indoor spin and treadmills
4. Free bar tab at the finish and pizza / canned drinks at the awards ceremony
5. Pub crawl in historic Dubuque after awards
6. Cool snowflake medals for all racers
7. Hand crafted awards for category winners
8. Bragging rights that you competed in the most difficult winter day race in NA
9. Bikers can get their first Dirty Hundy of the year (off-road metric century)
10. Misery loves company (suffer with 50 other cheerful souls)
11. Event headquarters at Dubuque’s indoor waterpark/hotel resort
12. Coincides with Dubuque’s ICEFEST festivities
13. Race with unique individuals from all over the US (racers from NC, FL, MI, MN, WI, IA, IL, MO are already registered)
14. Free sports massages after the race
15. TV and Newspaper coverage
16. Professionally photographed
17. All on closed course (except first 2 miles of bike on historic Dubuque brick streets)
18. Minimal required gear list (flashing lights front and back)
19. Cash lottery (amount depends on race budget – first year was $900, last year was $160 in cash) more racers = more $.
20. All transportation and sag supplied (including limo bus for the runners and skiers)


Tim said...

It would be cool if you actually stated more clearly distances/location/etc. I'm wandering all over trying to find this info. I was going to post this on my club's site but I'm not going to just b/c it's so hard to find info.

Lance Andre said...

Run = 23 miles (with an out and back loop adding about 5 more miles)

Ski = Same as run (23 + 5)

Bike = will be about 100k or 62 miles (distance may be altered due to trail conditions, as short as 55 miles if things are bad).

Lance Andre said...

has most of the information you'll need. The race is done nearly exactly the same each year. Sorry for the lack of information about this years event.

Brad said...

I'm going to be running. Do I need to say if I'm going to be doing the 23 or 28 mile race when I registar? Will whatever place i come in stay the same for the 23 mile race if I choose to keep going once I hit the 23 mile mark?

Brad said...

Also where do you turn around if it's only 5 more miles from Durango? Thanks for the help.

Lance Andre said...

Brad, Nope, just sign up for the run, you will need to check in at the finish when you are done with the 23, then you will tell them you are going back out for the out and back (there will be a ribbon you'll need to retreive at the turn around to get credit for the extra milage). Both are timmed, so dont spend too much time at the finish before heading back out.

Lance Andre said...

you'll continue to the sageville trailhead (may be a bit closer to 6 miles), i'll get a mileage count on that from Dave.

Brad said...

Thanks for all the help. I wanted to wait as long as I could to see what the weather is looking like before I signed up. I work at Houlihans here in dubuque and will be working all day over the next few days. Making it almost impossible for me to make it to the post office. Would it be possible for me to drop off my registration in your door? If not I'll figure out a way to mail it. Thanks again

MrDaveyGie said...

Though this is not the exact route of the Triple D it does help with milages from point A to B