Monday, January 4, 2010

Triple D 2010 Prelim Roster (updated 1/7 10 pm)

Values are First Name, Last Name, and Paid as of Jan 4th
There are still some entries in the mail, if yours is but you're not on the list below please send me an email at Lance.Andre @

Note: racers are allowed to switch category the morning of the race.

Laurie Woodbury YES
Grace Shirley-Couch YES
Lance Andre YES
Frank Hassler YES
Trevor Rockwell YES
Sean Mullins YES
Ben Shockey YES
Scott Sundby YES
Derek Chinn YES
Joe Nolan YES
Tyler Graham YES
John Nelson YES
Joel Austin YES
James R Zimmerman YES
James "Z" Zimmerman YES
Jeremy Riniker YES
Dave Giegerich YES
Michael Lemberger YES
Coleman Retzlaff YES
Troy McDermott YES
Richard Woodbury YES
Rob Mckillip YES
Dennis Grelk YES
Nicholos Wethington YES
Scott Marx YES
Colin Stiemke YES
Steve McGuire YES
Corey Kronser YES
Adam Blake YES
Jesse Reyerson YES
Jerome Full YES
Devon Dyreson YES (Tandem)
Justin Meyer NA (Tandem)

20 Spots total avalible for Run and Ski
1. Angela Hill YES
2. Sheila Wilson NO
3. Tim Roe YES (TBADOR)
4. Joseph Richey YES
5. Bradley Schmidt NO
6. Rich Holmes YES
7. Seth Dudgeon YES
8. Mark Rocarek YES
9. Brad Williams NO
10. Willy Goodale YES
11. Lisa Paulos YES

14. Vita Veita YES
15. Matt Maxwell YES
16. Jim Osterwell NO
17. Tim Roe YES (TBADOR)
18. Todd Erickson YES


MrDaveyGie said...

Fatten your tires.

Winter Storm Watch issued for tri-state area
By TH staff

The National Weather Service office in the Quad Cities has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Dubuque, Jackson and Delaware counties in Iowa and Jo Daviess County in Illinois, effective Wednesday afternoon through Thursday evening.

Snow will begin falling Wednesday afternoon and become more widespread during the overnight hours, the NWS office said. The snow, which will be moderate to heavy at times, will come to an end by Thursday evening.

The NWS said 4 to 8 inches of snow accumulation are possible through midday Thursday. Northwest winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour by Thursday afternoon could also cause blowing and drifting snow across the area.

Jerome said...

Here we go again.

Mauricio Babilonia said...

Yeah, it's almost as if the weather knows something we don't.

Lance Andre said...

Skiers will have fun!

I'm printing an extra set of maps (alternate route) for the bikers. It will include about 20 miles of low volume gravel roads. In addition I will be taking out a couple of long uphill sections.

We'll use this alternate route if the recon on Friday night indicates a day of hell to follow.

One thing that will be different from last year, is NO Ice underneath, about half the amount of snow, and an ENTIRE day of snow machine traffic. I'd say we're looking more like two years ago.

Angela said...

Yay...Love a challenge...I was worried this was going to be easy...Ha ha....bring it on!!!

See Ya'll there.

Lance Andre said...

Ya, all the trail reports that i'd been getting from everyone, i was worried it was going to be easy. But i guess those weather people must have read my emails and blog. Thanx a lot!
Never Fear, Triple D will once again be a hell of a day... our beer and feet will be cold...

Good Oak said...

The weather underground is calling for 6-9 inches of snow followed by temps on saturday ranging from -6 to 0 F! It's DDD year 1 and year 2 combined! How does old man winter know how to come down so hard on the weekend of DDD?

BTW, the check went in the mail yesterday.


Mauricio Babilonia said...

Hey Frank, glad to see I won't be the only tree-huggin 'sconny from the People's Republic of Madison to represent. Missed you last year.

Colin said...

Are there going to be any points to get water along the trail?

Colin said...

Are there going to be any points to get water along the trail?

Lance Andre said...

Not really, There is at the Dyersville, and Durango (the finish and CP for bikers and Marathon/50 runners)

Some bring equipment to melt snow, most carry what they will need in a cammel back or insulated bottels.

See the bike maps posted, as there are some off trail locations... dont drink from the streams (trust me on that one).