Sunday, November 25, 2007

SNOW - Its time to start riding!

Wednesday night we got a little over 2" of the good white stuff. But it was late after 10 PM, and Thursday (Thanksgiving) we were going up to La Crosse, WI for (where they have no snow). So what to do? Well Epic bike ride of course!

I had put the studded snow tires on the wife’s Trek STP400, and with mine still at the shop - hers was the obvious selection. My ride started with about 2 miles of city streets to get me to my first reward of 10 miles 4-wheeler trails (picture was typical of these trails). I road the 4-wheeler trails to Dubuque counties Heritage Trail (a rails to trails system). Heritage trail was smooth going as its protected from the 20 MPH wind gusts and the maximum grade is somewhere around 1-2 %. I rod this trail for a good 2+ hours, after which I returned to Dubuque via one of the best Level-B roads in the state (a 1 mile exposed bedrock climb with grades approaching 10% at the top). Once back to Dubuque I rode a couple remaining 4-wheeler trails to within about two miles of home. Had no idea how long I had been out (no watch), I knew it was late as there weren’t even drunks on the road. I didn’t know how hard I had road (no HRM), but I was tired and getting cold. But what I did know was that I was looking forward to more snow riding!

The ride ended at 3 am with about 4.5 hours of fantastic “early season” riding...

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