Sunday, November 25, 2007

Trek STP400 - Bike Hall of Fame

There is always that bike that now mater how much you spend on a new one you still enjoy riding the "Old Bike". My wife’s STP400 is one of them... originally purchased by me many years ago, it’s the bike that every time I get on it I just love riding it forever!

During last years 24 Hour Mountain Bike Nations I had brought her bike as simply a “backup” incase my 9.8 had a major mech. Well, after 3 hours of getting severely abused by this brutal hard tail (even equipped with a Thudbuster LT), it was drop from the race or ride the "slower softtail"... the time on the next two laps spoke for themselves as my time was nearly identical as my first fresh lap! For the rest of the race and event (even through thunderstorms), I rode on…

While there may be some small design defects (tracks a bit loose in corners), it is by far the best epic riding bike I've ridden! It has the incredible ability to almost completely remove the gravel and snowmobile treed vibrations from the hands, feet and ass, allowing one to just ride and ride…


Anonymous said...

I agree, had a STP300 and loved it, but you have to buy a new bike every year (dont you?)

Marcelo said...

Hello my name is Marcelo, from Argentina, South America.

I have the chance to buy a used Trek stp400 and the only doubt I have is about the Rock Shock Sid, do you know if is has a special size for this frame or I can replace it with a new one in case this one brakes.

I put the link of the offer so you can see the picture.

You have a nice blog, I hope you understand my english.
Thank you very much!

Lance Andre said...

Yes, a standard suspension form of any brand will fit nicely. I upgraded mine to a REBA after going though a SID every year.
Yours looks nearly new, not sure how that’s possible as these bikes haven been made in nearly 10 years (I guess it wasn’t loved as much a mine… ;-)