Monday, January 4, 2010

Triple D GPS Data

Two time DDD veteran Adam Blake pre rode the 100K (62 mile) bike route for the 2010 Triple D race with his GPS system. You can view his 6 hour ride at the GarminOnlineSite
Thanks Adam.
PS, for the runners you can use the highpoint near farley as your start (dyersville is only about 50' in elevation lower.


Brad said...

But the run is only on the trail, right? And starts in dyersville?

Lance Andre said...

Yes you are only on Heritage Trail, but i thought the 3D GPS gives you an idea of the profile of Heritage trail... ALL DOWN HILL. Also, if things are typical (you'll have a 5 mph tail wind too).
Note: that the out and back section for the Marathon and 50km option after Durnago is basiclly flat (no grade) in either direction.

Bike Wisconsin said...

The route goes to Dyersville correct? No changes from last year? The gps data turns around in Farley.

Lance Andre said...

Yes, you are correct the route goes all the way to DYERSVILLE. the GPS data posted goes to a bar in Farly where Adam ate pizza and turned around. Expect for going into farly and not to Dyersville (quick-n-handy) the GPS data is 100% correct.