Saturday, December 1, 2007


An email from Mark Wyatt at the Iowa Bicycle Coaliation:
Good news, good news and bad news.First of all the bad news. We have 402 paid Share the Road licenseplate applications. This is 98 short of our goal of 500 plates. Thegood news is I know many people put them in the mail on Friday orSaturday, so we still may have a chance. The final good news is we can still take plate applications until wehit the 500 mark and beyond. We have an extension since we are soclose. This is a second chance - so let's finish it up and get theplates on the road.Mark WyattIowa Bicycle CoalitionGet your plate application at
I have TWO reserved and paid for! what about YOU?


Lance Andre said...

Update: they are down to only needing 20! If you’re interested click the link, and download the paperwork.

Lance Andre said...

We've made it 502! It's all in the works, you can still apply and get your plates... its just not mandatory now.