Monday, December 3, 2007

SNOW!!! Well, more like ICE!!!

What a night of riding (last night)! Three hours of all off-road trail riding at +12F with a 25+ MPH winds, and an average riding speed of 16.5 MPH! yup, at that speed I’d finish Arrowhead in under 9 hours! However, I do have to admit that I wasn’t carrying 35+ lbs of gear and the 2-3" of snow had formed a near concrete crust from the warm temperatures earlier in the day. The Nokkian studded tires create such an aura of confidence when I ride them and even on the step downhill’s with iced over rims (riding my wife's ice bike, no disks) I wasn’t even worried about sliding out. They are the best ice tire! Yes, expensive, but so much better than the home made ones.

You'll notice by the picture that my tire tracks are barely even noticeable. If this were the trail conditions for the upcoming winter race here in Dubuque the finish time would be about 3.5 hours... but I’m sure Mother Nature wont let that happen.

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