Saturday, December 1, 2007

Winter Race Anybody?

I'm contemplating hosting a ~60 mile winter race (from Dubuque Iowa to Dyersville and back) on January 12th or 19th.

The race headquarters would be the Dubuque Grand Harbor Casino / Indoor Water Park & Resort (great to bring the family and let them enjoy the “fun life” while we experiment with the “tortuous life”. This is also a great place to warm up at after the race (super sized hot tub party afterwards). The Grand Harbor has extended a great group discount for us. For those who do not plan on brining the family, room sharing can be organized as well.

The race course would be mostly pancake flat with about 5 miles of Dubuque style hills at the start and finish. The race would be 95% off road on groomed & packed trails (four wheeler, & heritage trail – rails to trails system). I ride this system of trials routinely for my TransIowa and Arrowhead training and estimate finish times between 5 to 10 hours depending on trail conditions and how often you stop to enjoy the scenery. If the trail conditions are awful, alternate segments of level b and gravel roads would be substituted to keep finishing times under 12 hours and keep the race "fun".

Race entry fee would be kept to a minimum about $40 (cover expenses and fund the lottery payout to finishers – identical to what I do at the Colesburg 40 gravel race every labor day, the better you finish the more chances you get for the $). The race will be no outside support (racers can support other racers). The turn around point in Dyersville will offer all the amenities needed for the return trip. There will be sag & emergency assistance support via cell phone.

If you’re interested in participating in this crazy winter bike race please send me an email with the first line being something like “ABSOLUTLY”, or “MAYBE”. Please don’t email “ARE YOU CRAZY” and “NO #&@*’N WAY”.

Note: If there is interest in a foot category I will create this also (foot category, includes: runners & skiers or both).


Paul said...


I am glad I found your blog. I am very interested in your race!

Paul Jacobson

Lance Andre said...

Paul, I'll add you to the list (within 15 minutes of sending the email out i'm now up to 8 YES's... if this keeps up, i may have to determine a maximum safe field size allowed.)
Stay tuned...

Dustin said...

I am interested in riding your race. Please add me to the list

Dustin Quade