Thursday, December 27, 2007

Race Update: Trail Report

I’m not even sure I should spend the time on this one as I’m riding again tonight and there is another 7” forecasted for after midnight…

I rode some new connector trails yesterday (Dec 26th) for just over two hours, checking out some additional sections for the bike category of the race. The new sections (conditions permitting) will make the bike section a lot more fun (as in downhill fun and easy uphill) for an additional two miles in both directions.

Temperatures the last couple of days have been close to 30d and mostly sunny. This has thickened up the oatmeal snow of the 23rd into a nice solid base again mostly rideable for standard mountain bikes on the better traveled snowmobile paths. There are still numerous short uphill sections that required me to push… but nothing more than 50-100 feet at a time. The snow bikes most likely would have cleaned 100% of the trials without problem. For the foot & bike category entrants this is again good news as we can now expect Heritage Trail to have a solid base 2 days after a heavy snow fall.

I’m still not sure how the tandem team will fair; I haven’t been able to convince Traci to ride our tandem on the trails yet to see how it works. I imagine it will be similar to the “Ore to Shore” sand hell from this last fall… Yes, you heard me right – the Eppen team may attempt the race on the tandem (remember they can change their minds 2 hours before the start)… we’ll see how this one pans out.

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