Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Arrowhead Ultra: Training Ride

I'm not calling this a "Race Update: Trail Report" due to the forecasted 6" of new powder like snow. But if it were a trail report I’d say WOW was the course fast. I was able to ride the entire course in both directions finishing in just over 5 hours. Not a single section required me to dismount and push. Oh, well... what fun would a winter bike race be anyway if you didn't get to push? Looks like the skiers will have fun – Trail will be groomed on Friday!


Anonymous said...

Is there any fresh snow sitting on top of the hard-packed surface or did the wind blow it off?

Anonymous said...

Ran a little on the trail this morning to check out my gear in 0 degree weather and for the couple of miles I saw the fresh snow was still on top.

Lance Andre said...

Check out today’s post. Also, the grooming machine is starting up and will be grooming the surface of Heritage Trail today. This will get rid of the fresh powder and leave a mechanically grooved flat surface ideal for the skiers, foot racers and bikers if they make that far ;-p