Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Day Ride

Today was our clubs annual New Years Day ride! A whopping six hardy individuals showed up (something to do with the -15dF wind chill... oh well) down from about 20+ last year.

Heritage trail was a little chopped up from the cold weather and normal snow mobile traffic which made the going a little slow (7 mph was a nice pace, although it started much faster [double digits] by those who only planned to ride for only 45 minutes). Bill Stoffel, my wife Traci and I rode for another 20 minutes before she turned back. Bill continued with me to the 10-mile mark, so that he could get a good 20 miles in. I continued out to Graf (halfway point for the race before heading back. I was again over dressed and had to remove a couple of layers.

All said a nice 3-hour ride.

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