Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Race Update: Big Picture Map (weather update)

I'll get more detailed maps created using DOT maps after my ride tonight.
Foot category: Note the final measured course is a little over 21.5 miles. This was shorted so that we can finish the Foot & Ski category at a heated bar and food establishment in Durango.
I’ll present the ski options the morning of registration and let the skiers make a group decision:
  1. Ski from Durango to Graf and back to Durango = 16 Miles (all groomed)
  2. Ski from Dubuque Trailhead to Graf and back to Durango = 20 Miles (all groomed)
  3. Ski from Dubuque Trailhead to Farley and back to Durango = 36 Miles (2 miles not groomed)
  4. Do the original Dyersville to Durango Route (Weather permitting - will recon the night before) The reason for this is that there is CURRENTLY exposed gravel on the section between Dyersville and Farley.

Weather Update: this just in - fresh snow and really cold temps on the way... so dress warm, plan on at least 1-2 miles total of bike pushing, and the cycle-cross bike discussion is a mutt point (fatties rule, on this one)... Good thing I shortened the bike course to ~56 miles!


Anonymous said...

Lance, you are just PURE EVIL. Obviously you made a deal with the devil to get race day to be the coldest day of the year. Plus 3 inches of nice dry powder that won't pack down just 2 days before the race? At least the intense effort will help keep the hypothermia away... I hope.

I know all you Arrowhead studs will be eating it up. The rest of us will just have to try to survive.

I hope my booties fit over my lake boots.

Lance Andre said...

I got a couple easy sub sections, but you are correct it will be evil hell like for the first and last hour! More so than I was planning, and I was planning some bad a$$ stuff.

On the booties, a word of caution: booties will pack snow between your shoe and bootie when pushing in deep snow... If you have Lake Boots I’d leave them as is and add a chem sole to them. Or, possibly pack the booties for the open sections.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance that the new, fresh 4-6" of snow will be groomed for skiing by Saturday?

Jeff B.

Lance Andre said...

Yes, the half million dollar groomer will hit the trail either Thursday or Friday. There is a 1 mile section that can not be groomed due to a bridge being out. There is a bypass bridge constructed there, but is only capable of carrying snowmobiles and bike/foot traffic. so the Groomer must skip this section.